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DIY Home Security: Protect Your Dayton Home With Your Own Hands

You’re aware of the threats of burglary that all homeowners or renters in Dayton face, but did you know that you yourself can boost your home security, with a few simple DIY tricks? With common tools and a few basic skills, you can protect yourself and your property against all intruders. Of course, having the support of a trusted professional is always essential. Be resourceful but don’t overestimate your own skills at the risk of your safety – call for back-up if you’re ever unsure! Here, we’ll talk about a few tips on things you can do yourself to get your home into top shape and to keep out all unwanted attention.  

Locks maintenance and security around the house

1. Install interior hinges. The hinges of your door should be on the inside of the door, since exterior hinges can easily be removed by any passerby, enabling them to gain entry inside your home.

2. Hide your wires so they cannot easily be accessed and cut, which would effectively disable any alarm or security systems that you may have. You can also reduce your risk by looking into installing wireless alarm systems.

3. Keep your locks well maintained. You only need basic tools such as a Philips number two screwdriver, WD 40 lubricant and hex keys, also referred to as Allen keys. Exterior doors get the most worn, so you should give them a good deal of your attention. You will want to tighten any of the screws that are loose, without over-tightening them. You will also use the WD 40 to lubricate your locks, especially if they’ve been sticky.

Regular cleaning and lubricating will help your locks work better and last longer. If these tips don’t help to get your locks working properly, it’s time to get in touch with your locksmith to do some more in-depth work. These are steps that your local locksmith will also be able to help walk you through. If you have questions or doubts along the way, they are a valuable resource to you and you shouldn’t hesitate to call them.

Apply locksmith wisdom in your yard

Your yard is your first line of defense. How you take care of it can either make it easy for burglars to reach your front door, or stop them in their tracks.

1.  Put up signs in your yard warning of a home alarm system, whether or not you have one. Alarm systems are a huge deterrent to criminals who want to break into a house that is an easy target, with no complications. Putting up a sign is a visible warning that the house is protected and surveyed, something a lot of criminals don’t want to have to deal with. Even if you don’t have a security system, you can get decoy signs online.

2. Have your bushes and trim them too!  Bushes should always be well trimmed, so that they don’t double as a hiding place for a burglar who may be staking out your house. You should also cut back any tree branches growing close to your windows, so no-one can climb their way in. However, having bushes can also serve as a defense against intruders, especially when they are of the thorny variety and relatively low to the ground.

3. Keep your yard well lit. Motion-detector lighting will scare off most burglars, who want to avoid the spotlight, and it’s convenient for you too.

In your car

Thieves know that spare keys are often stored in your car, so by keeping keys out of your car and keeping your car locked, you are also increasing your home security at the same time! Never leave valuables in your car, period. Park your car in a secure place, where there is good lighting, and always leave all of the windows up. If a thief is able to get a copy of your keys you are greatly compromising the security of your home and loved ones.

These DIY tips are a great starting point when you’re looking to secure things around your house. Knowledge is a powerful tool and once you know where to look you’re much more likely to spot the weaknesses that you can improve on in your home security. As always, if you run into questions along the way, your local locksmith is always available to help you through the process and provide advice along the way.


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