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Are Your Keys Safe? Locksmiths Share Tips – And Warnings

Keys are an essential part of our daily security. Our homes, workplaces, cars and bicycles are all defended by locks and keys. However, since they are so important, they are often a source of trouble. Lost keys can be a huge headache, and disastrous if they fall into the wrong hands. Is there any way to protect our keys, and ourselves? Locksmiths in Dayton, Ohio say yes. Here is advice about key security from professional locksmiths that will help you save your most important belongings.

Be careful with your spares

It’s very useful to have a spare key to your house. You can lend them to the dog walker or babysitter, and an extra key can save the day if you ever get locked out. However, locksmiths in Dayton advise that you have to be very careful with your spare keys.

Many people like to leave spares outside the house. It’s a good idea in terms of convenience, but you have to be safe while you do it. Statistics show that nearly one third of home burglaries are committed without forced entry, meaning the thief just waltzes in through a door that was left unlocked, or that they opened with the owner’s spare key. Don’t “hide” your key under your doormat or a flowerpot, or in the mailbox. These are the first places a burglar will look! Likewise, don’t bother with a fake rock. Most of them are painfully obvious.

So where can you keep it? Try getting a key safe that is protected by a combination lock. You can one that attaches to the side of your house. Another alternative is to leave your key with a trusted neighbor or a friend who lives nearby. Finally, you can make your own safe by putting the key in an empty pill bottle, gluing the lid of the bottle to a real rock and the bottle with the rock on top. This is a riskier choice than a locked key holder but will do the trick.

set of keys and Jimmy proof deadbolt lock

What’s the best way to carry your keys?

You probably keep your keys on you whenever you leave the house, but how can you do this without risking losing them, either by carelessness or to a pickpocket?

First of all, establish good habits with your keys and follow them consistently. Leave them in the same place every day, so you won’t forget to grab them on your way out the door, and keep them in the same place in your bag or wallet.

It’s best not to keep them in your pocket. If a hole forms, your keys will be the first things to fall out! They can easily tear holes in thinner fabric and make their own escape. Plus, your outer pockets are the easiest places for a thief to reach into without your noticing.

Upgrade from a keychain

There are tons of gadgets available these days that render a bulky, inconvenient ring keychain a thing of the past.

To keep all of your keys together without jangling around, you can get a compact key holder like the KeySmart, KeyDisk or Key Caddy. These work like Swiss army knives, holding the keys neatly folding, and allowing you to flip out just the one you need.

Compact key holders, as well as key cases and key wallets, also protect your keys from the elements and avoid damage from them rubbing against each other. This prolongs their life.

If you spend a lot of time at the beach or swimming pool, you should get a waterproof key holder. Keys shouldn’t go in the water with you, as they will erode or get rusty over time, but neither can they be left unsupervised while you swim. With a waterproof key holder, you can carry them into the water and they will stay safe and dry.

Locksmiths in Dayton are often called to help people with key problems. Take a little extra care with yours and your keys – as well as what they protect – will be perfectly safe.

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