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5 Great Tips To Improve Your Home Security In Dayton Without Breaking The Bank

No-one wants to become a statistic, especially for something as costly and traumatic as a home break-in. These crimes often seem to come out of the blue, and many Dayton residents wonder what they can do to avoid falling victim.

Did you know that 2,613 burglaries took place in Dayton last year?

No-one wants to become a statistic, especially for something as costly and traumatic as a home break-in. These crimes often seem to come out of the blue, and many Dayton residents wonder what they can do to avoid falling victim.

Many security measures that are often recommended, like installing high tech security systems and high security locks, are very effective but also very expensive. However, protecting your property doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Here are a few low-budget ways to foil thieves, based on the habits of criminals themselves.

Inexpensive home security tips

1. Hide valuables in plain sight. Burglars don’t want to stay longer than ten minutes in a house, and so they go straight for typical hiding places like the dresser drawer, freezer or under the bed. Instead, make a DIY safe out of common objects like a soup can or lamp, and stash your small valuables there. Instructions for these can easily be found online.

2. Work on your landscaping. Do you have tall, thick bushes near your door or windows? Burglars look out for easy hiding places like this. Trim back your plants, add lights around your property and you’ll make it much harder for them.

3. Put shades on your windows. Criminals are out to make quick cash by grabbing the most expensive items from a house. If they can’t see that there’s anything valuable inside your home, they’re more likely to pass it by.

4. Buy security system decals. Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be attacked, but if you can’t afford an alarm, buy the signs and decals off of eBay, and put them by your front door. Most burglars won’t take the risk.

5. Talk to your neighbor. If you and your neighbors are on good terms, they can be your best defense against crime. You can give them a spare key, ask them to keep an eye on your home and park their car in your driveway while you’re away, so it seems like someone’s at home. In fact…

Neighborhood watch groups

Joining a neighborhood watch organization is one of the most powerful steps you can take to prevent crime, and it’s totally free! When neighbors help each other, everyone’s safer. Not only do neighborhood watch groups build connections within the community, they are proven to reduce crime.

So what do neighborhood watch groups do? Mostly, they just keep an eye out for each other. The idea is that residents know their neighborhood better than the police do, and if you see anything out of the ordinary, you call the police. Don’t assume someone else will take care of it! Open doors at unoccupied houses, sounds of breaking glass, strangers loitering around or cars pulling up to a house whose owner is away are all potential signs of trouble.

Members of a neighborhood watch group meet regularly to share ideas and observations. As well as reducing crime, they can help in other ways, such as keeping an eye on elderly neighbors, encouraging residents to get security inspections, organizing phone trees, and lobbying for safety measures like higher home building standards and more stop signs.

If there’s no group in your neighborhood yet, consider starting one. It’s simple: just call a few neighbors, set up a meeting with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and you’re good to go.

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